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History of Property 

There are two lots located south and adjacent to the Peacock Dam on North Lake Road that would be used for the proposed park. The 517 property is the site of the first house in the village in 1837. The developer, the city and a local family had discussions that led to the Chuck and Pat Herro family offering to purchase and donate the 525 property to the City of Oconomowoc for a special walking park.


There are currently plans to develop a condominium on the 517 property. However, the developer has agreed to sell the 517 property to the City if the community can raise the funds. The purchase price is $1,350,000 and the deadline to complete the purchase is January 31, 2021. If both 525 and 517 are owned by the city, they would be deeded in perpetuity as a public park. If the community is unsuccessful in raising the funds, the 517 property will be developed into an eight-unit condominium in 2021 and donated funds will be returned by February 15, 2021.


The Future

In 2021 the City will develop the 525 property into a passive walking park that will provide opportunities for fishing and relaxing and will include a portage path between the lakes for canoes, paddleboards and kayaks. As a true walking park, there will be no parking lot. If the community can raise the funds to purchase 517, the city will develop plans

for the additional park space.

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