"To create a park on two Oconomowoc lakefronts is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Located in the heart of our city, this park will be a treasure for us and generations to come. The pleasure and joy of its existence will be our immediate reward. Gratitude for our foresightedness will be our legacy." Anonymous


”I am a new resident to Oconomowoc and am so pleased with the community. I was very impressed by Charles Herro's message that prompted generations to consider their legacy. Here is a unifying project in a time where our world needs unifying opportunities. This non-political endeavor can help bring our community together and preserve the natural beauty that God has supplied for this area. As a pastor I will pray for God to bring this about and will contact area pastors to do the same.”  Rev. Dr. Mark Triller


Ann D. 9/16/2020
Please accept this small donation to preserve 517.  To build condos and/or multi/housing in that isthmus would be a sin to our beautiful city.  I have resided here for 40 years and do not want that area destroyed. 


David H.  9/21/2020
I fully support the city’s attempt to build a park at the 525 and 517 properties.  Enclosed please find a donation and we wish you success in your endeavors to purchase the 517 property. 


Rev.James Kaestner  9/21/2020
The enclosed is in thanks of the Herro family for getting this started and as a memorial to my wife Judith Pallett Kaestner who loved to walk from her house to the bridge.  Thank you.


Joyce N  9/28/2020
Hello, we hope your fundraiser goes well.  We would like to donate this money in the name of Sheri Nehls.  She was a lifelong resident of Oconomowoc and passed away from cancer this past Jan.  She lived in a cottage on Fowler Lake and was very interested in this property not to be developed so good luck.  The Nehls Family
Joyce, Vickie, Sandy, Ken, Dawn
Thank you all

Ruth K.  10/5/2020
Enclosed is my check for the Build-a-Park Fund -and with it my gratitude to the Herro family for their gracious generosity in stepping up to save this very unique piece of land in this way.  For 70 years I maintained my childhood home on Lac La Belle and I remember the Aeppler family who originally had their home there.  After it was torn down, I often wondered what would become of the property as I know with present zoning laws no one could really build in that exact way again.  I secretly hoped it could become a park, but didn’t know how that could ever come about.  Now it is happening and I wish you well in your campaign.  Wish this could have been more, but it comes with gratitude to those who are looking to the future to preserve this unusual piece of God’s creation for coming generations to enjoy.